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Cancer is a terrible place The horror of Cancer's character

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The horror of Cancer's character,Cancer is a terrible place


a hot temper 

Although Cancer looks like he can't fight with the rest of the world, it seems that nothing can make him lose his temper, but these are false images. They hide very deep. Once they are irritated, Cancer will be furious like a lion out of control. And no matter who the other person is, he will lose his temper and release his emotions, regardless of whether the other party can accept it. The other party can't resist.

Extremely sensitive

On the surface, the calm Cancer actually has a very surging inner world. When they encounter any problem, they will think of themselves, and they will associate a lot each time. As a result, a small matter is magnified, leaving a knot in his heart. It is this extremely sensitive state of mind that makes them very terrible when dealing with others, because you don't know what he thinks in his heart.

Easy to go to extremes

Cancer is emotionally sensitive and insecure. It is easy to focus on one thing and take care of things. Sensitive emotions often erupt because of small things, and it is extreme to do things. Cancer men attach great importance to family relations. If someone offends the people in Cancer's family, then it's okay to kill your family. Everything is extreme behavior. Because Cancer people rarely have reason and hate to face it with a calm attitude, the most frightening aspect of Cancer is * inertia to do things with extreme behavior.


Cancer will die when you love, and will be cold and heartless when you don't love, and you will regret knowing him when you feel unfeeling. When a Cancer man loves someone, he always takes care of the whole life of the other person, but once he doesn't love, he can leave as soon as possible, ignore any retention of you, and turn around and leave without mercy. Those sweet memories of the past are just floating clouds and will never turn back.

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