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Uncover the Taurus woman's personality,Taurus female character characteristics

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Taurus female character characteristics: strong heart

Taurus women are emotionally strong and can withstand the tremendous pressure they bring. This kind of pressure may come from her work, family or herself, but she rarely collapses because of the pressure, and she will not even complain and show any signs of anxiety. She will not seek sympathy, on the contrary, she will rely on her own spirit and perseverance to overcome the tense and difficult situation. And it's better not to stimulate Taurus women mentally. She will also be angry if others' deliberate provocation exceeds the bottom line of pressure she can bear.

Taurus female character characteristics: follow the steps

Taurus woman is very insistent on the pace of what she does, and absolutely follow the steps. And I don't like being urged. For example, when you ask her about the results of some things, Taurus will rarely tell you the results directly. She will habitually tell you the causes and consequences of things and follow the steps slowly. If you are impatient, she will be very sad and feel disrespected.

Taurus female character characteristics: pragmatic

Taurus woman's pragmatic character is reflected in her feelings. When facing feelings, feeling is only secondary. For Taurus woman, economic conditions are the most important. Taurus women don't want two people to live harder than one. Taurus women don't want this kind of feeling for economic worries. They will give up this kind of feeling directly, so some people think Taurus women are very money worship.

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