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What personality is Aquarius

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What personality is Aquarius

Conflicts are hot and cold

Aquarius has a very contradictory personality. It is always like that there are two villains fighting in the heart. Sometimes it is too warm and cheerful, and sometimes it is too quiet. This is because Aquarius has the most typical feature of the wind sign, which is changeable. Aquarius doesn't understand why. Sometimes it is just like spirit, sometimes warm, sometimes cold.

Advocate freedom

Aquarius advocates freedom and opposes restraint. They have a different thinking mode from ordinary people and live a different life. This is not because they are aggressive or their behavior is particularly extreme, but because their psychology is as pure as children, they do not deliberately stick to the details and do things very simply. Although they oppose restraint, they are extremely kind and compassionate towards anyone. Because of the unique personality characteristics of Aquarius, they have a strong interest in science and future development.

Optimistic and kind

In the eyes of the kind Aquarius, the world is very beautiful. They are naturally outgoing, optimistic and full of strong curiosity about new things. Their outgoing personality makes them easy to make many new friends, get along with others harmoniously and happily, and are very popular with friends. They will also give some small surprises to friends from time to time, so as to warm up the friendship. The kind-hearted Aquarius is a person with a sense of justice. They don't like to see inequality or injustice happen, are willing to help others, and will bravely stand up and fight against the bad things.

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