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Is bitter almond poisonous?

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Bitter almonds have a high nutritional value, and eating more almonds helps our body very well, but some almonds are bitter, it can't eat, and bitter almonds are toxic because the bitter almond's tips and skin contain toxic ingredients in hydrogen cyanate.

Is bitter almond poisonous

In general, bitter almonds are minimally toxic, with toxicity derived from bitter almond glycosides and bitter almond glycosidases, and the production of hydro - cyanic acid after water exposure is the "" culprit "" responsible for the intoxication. This substance can block the respiratory chain of the cell, hampering ATP production. Amygdalin contained in every 100 g of bitter almond can break down to release 100 ~ 250 mg of hydro - cyanic acid, while 60 mg of hydro - cyanic acid can be placed in a dead place. So, if you eat down the unprocessed almonds, especially the bitter ones, the risk of the recruitment is great.

In addition, 40 ~ 60 grains of raw bitter almond can be poisoned and 50 ~ 100 grains can be lethal when given orally once in adults. Proved by experimental conversion in mice that human consumption of bitter almonds 55 (about 60 g), containing bitter almonds about 1.8 g, would cause death, so 55 was the death cut-off point. Experts reminded that eating bitter almonds cannot exceed 10 a day, especially not raw with unprocessed bitter almonds.

The tips and peels of bitter almonds contain a hydrogen cyanate toxic component

There is a toxic ingredient in raw almonds called cyanogenic glycoside, which can evolve a highly toxic ingredient, hydrocyanate, after hydrolysis in the gastrointestinal tract. Hydrogen cyanate can quickly be absorbed and then enter the blood circulation, acting on all parts of the body's cells, so that the cells cannot breathe normally, and the tissue is generally hypoxic. Hydrocyanate acts on respiratory and cardiovascular centers and causes paralysis of these centers leading to death.

And because of the toxic nature of hydrogen cyanic acid, some juveniles, curious about eating a grain occasionally, can also become poisoned.

Bitter almond poisoning generally begins around 1 h after eating and mainly shows neurotoxic symptoms. Vomiting, nausea, headache at the beginning; Followed by palpitations, chest tightness, malaise; And finally often death due to respiratory paralysis. Raw plum kernels and peach kernels, in addition to bitter almonds, can cause the same poisoning symptoms.

Sent to hospital as soon as bitter almond poisoning is noticed. If the road is distant, it is best to wash the stomach first. Doctors usually use antidotes such as sodium nitrite and sodium thiosulfate to detoxify, while first aid such as cardiotonic and exciting respiratory centers can lead to fatalities if rescue is not timely.

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