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What not to eat for tooth decay

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1. Tooth decay can't eat sweets

What not to eat for tooth decay

First of all, people who have tooth decay can no longer eat sweet food, because generally tooth decay is caused by eating too much sweets. If we eat sweets at this time, it will aggravate our tooth decay. Not only can you not eat sweet foods, but also sour foods, because tooth decay is more sensitive.

2. Tooth decay can't eat hot food

The second thing to pay attention to is that you should not eat hot food, because eating hot food may cause heat and tooth decay, so we must pay attention to it when we eat every day. If it is too hot food, we can Eat after a while to avoid harm to your teeth.

3. Tooth decay can not eat too hard food

The third thing to pay attention to is not to eat too hard food, because our tooth decay is inherently fragile. If we don’t talk about too hard food, it should not be a blow to our tooth decay, and it may stuff things. Into the cavity of the tooth decay, causing larger bacteria to appear.

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