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What can anxiety eat alleviate

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1. What can anxiety eat alleviate the low-fat milk

The survey found that the human body in the intake of more calcium, the mood will be better, easier to get happy, no longer easy to nervous, irritable anxiety, and daily life, milk, yogurt and cheese are the main sources of calcium, especially low-fat milk and skim milk calcium content is more abundant.

What can anxiety eat alleviate

What can anxiety eat alleviate

2. What can anxiety eat alleviate cherry

Cherries are known as natural aspirin in the west, because cherries contain a substance called anthocyanins, which can make happiness. Scientists have found that people who eat more cherries when they are in a bad mood will soon get better. They are more effective than any medicine. Cherry can have the effect of anthocyanins supplement, and can also have the effect of improving physical fitness, to ease your mood is good.

3. What can anxiety eat alleviate banana

Anti anxiety food also includes a familiar food, that is bananas, bananas contain a substance called alkaloids, can stimulate spirit and improve confidence. And bananas are the best source of tryptophan and vitamin B, which can help the brain reduce depression.

4. What can anxiety eat alleviate blueberry

Don't look down on blueberries! Although they are small, they are powerful pressure killers! Don't believe it? Small blueberries are rich in high doses of antioxidants and vitamin C. Every time the stress comes, we need a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants to help the body protect and repair those vulnerable cells.

5. What can anxiety eat alleviate the whole wheat bread

Because cereals contain trace mineral selenium, which has a good effect on invigorating spirit. And it contains carbohydrates that can resist the effects of depression. More importantly, it has a good effect on anxiety intention, anxiety concept and anxiety behavior of patients with anxiety disorder. Whole wheat food can have a refreshing effect, but also can have the effect of relieving anxiety.

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