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How to kill cockroaches at home

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Keep your home clean

How to kill cockroaches at home

After understanding the habits of cockroaches, they will find that they prefer to stay in some dirty environment. Therefore, if the indoor environment is clean and tidy, cockroaches will not come to the door. In particular, the kitchen sanitation needs to be cleaned regularly, and the food should not be exposed to the outside, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of indoor cockroaches.

Killing cockroaches with washing powder

Washing powder has a high surface tension. As long as it is a cockroach, there must be many small holes in its abdomen. However, these small holes are really the main tools for cockroaches to breathe air. When we spray cockroaches with washing powder mixed with water, the washing powder water will quickly enter their breathing holes, causing the blockage of cockroaches' pores, making them unable to breathe. In addition, the composition of washing powder is acid-base, If its chemical properties are constantly reacting in the cockroach's body, it will instantly make the cockroach suffocate and die, and this will kill the cockroach, and the cockroach will have a four legged phenomenon.

Orange peel against cockroaches

When it comes to the method of preventing cockroaches, many people will think of orange peel. The smell of orange peel is big and special. If you dry the orange peel in the air and put it in the cabinet, you can prevent cockroaches.

Use professional insecticides

The use of insecticides to kill cockroaches is an immediate method. First, choose a neutral time. For example, before going to work, close all the doors and windows of your home, spray a large area of insecticides, and don't let go of any tiny corner of your home. Then, when you go to work, when you come home from work, you should be able to see many dead cockroaches on the ground.

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