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Lipstick fade or not

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Lipstick fade or not


Look at the brand

There are thousands of lipsticks. Of course, different brands of lipsticks have different degrees of color fading. It's just a matter of whether the color fading is serious or not. Many people think that the texture of expensive lipstick is better than that of cheap lipstick, and the problem of color fading is less. In fact, whether the lipstick is good or bad depends on the brand. Although some brands of lipstick do not fade, but it contains some harmful substances to human body, this kind of lipstick is not very good. However, some brands of lipstick are not easy to fade, nor will they add harmful substances, which is not harmful to the body.

Look at the ingredients

Lipstick, which is generally decolorized, contains volatile components. The purpose is to evaporate the moisture in the lip balm, so that the color will better adhere to the lips. But at the same time, it also takes away the moisture on the lips and produces a lot of lip marks. Most of the lipsticks are not fat free, and their moisturizing properties are much lower than those of other lipsticks. In addition, the reason why lipstick does not fade, which contains a certain color of organic pigment, has a strong staining on the lips, long-term adhesion on the lips will not only make the lips produce pigment deposition, if the material is toxic, it will also harm health.

Therefore, when buying lipstick, try not to be greedy for cheap. When you buy lipstick, you should first see if you have a product certificate, a health license number, and a production license number. Don't buy fake and shoddy products from stalls or from unknown sources on the Internet. When you buy lipstick, you also need to know the chemical composition of the lipstick label, so that you can know whether it will lead to allergies, Finally, it is necessary to look at the production date and shelf life, do not use expired lipstick.

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