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What harm does baby eat adult food prematurely

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Many parents add supplementary food to their babies for a period of time. When they see that their children are eating well, they try to save time and let their children eat the same food as themselves. However, it is not right to do so. So what harm does baby eat adult food too early?


The baby's teeth in 2.5-3 years old or so to complete, without the help of teeth, the baby's chewing ability is relatively poor. If you let your baby eat the same food as yourself, it is likely that the food will not be chewed and swallowed directly into the stomach. And these are not fully digested and decomposed food, will increase the burden of the baby's intestines and stomach, leading to diarrhea, abdominal distension and other dyspepsia. In addition, the baby's gastrointestinal development is not very perfect, adults' meals are generally relatively hard, such food is not conducive to digestion, after the baby has eaten, it may also lead to indigestion, and if serious, it will lead to diarrhea, the baby's food is best soft and easy to digest food, such food is the baby's ideal food.

In addition, adult food often add more seasonings, which makes the baby develop the habit of salty or sweet, and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in the future; and excessive taste can easily make the baby develop the habit of picky food and partial food, resulting in unbalanced diet. "Taste good" food taste is relatively heavy, intake of salt content is very easy to exceed the standard, which will affect the baby's absorption of calcium ions, resulting in slow development. Secondly, excessive salt intake will also increase the kidney burden and increase the risk of the baby's disease. Therefore, salt is not recommended for babies before the age of 1. Baby's taste is sensitive, natural light food is the baby's real food.

It is also because the adult food production is not fine enough, so there are some fibrous substances in the food, such as fishbone and bone, which are difficult for babies to distinguish. Because the baby at this stage has a lot of eating skills, the baby has not yet mastered, they do not know to chew slowly, grind the longer fiber in vegetables, and do not know how to separate fish bone, fish bone and other substances. They think that they are edible. Therefore, babies 24 months ago should not be allowed to eat adult food prematurely.

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