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What are the foods that make people fat

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If you want to lose weight, you should stick to the taboo. It's better not to eat many foods that are easy to gain weight, otherwise it is difficult to see the effect. Let's follow the small make-up to understand, will make people fat food has what.

What are the foods that make people fat

1. Fried food

Fried food contains a lot of fat and oxidants, so it's very high in calories. It's not easy to digest when you eat it. It's easy to turn into fat and promote obesity. Representatives: fried chicken chops, fried chicken legs and wings, fried beef, fried fish, fried stinky tofu, fried eggplant, etc. Fried food can directly lead to obesity, brain damage, cancer and other related diseases. In addition, frying also destroys the nutritional value of the food itself, which increases the metabolic burden of the body on the qualitative substances.

2. Instant noodles and puffed food

Instant noodles and puffed foods not only have high salt content, high calorie content, but also contain alcohol and preservatives, which can damage the liver. Representatives: popcorn, potato chips, Guoba, shrimp chips, ice cream, bread, etc. These foods have been fried, fried can reduce the moisture in the flour, can prolong the shelf life. However, these oils become "oxidized lipids" after oxidation, which accumulate in blood vessels or other organs, accelerate the aging speed of people, cause arteriosclerosis, and easily lead to cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease, etc.

3. Barbecue food

Barbecue food contains carcinogen triphenyl tetrapropyl pyridine. One roasted chicken leg is equal to the toxicity of 60 cigarettes. Representative: roast all kinds of string, fish, vegetables, seafood, etc. Because the meat is barbecued directly at high temperature, the decomposed fat drops are heated on the fire at high temperature, and then combined with the protein in the meat, a carcinogen called benzopyrene will be produced. Meat in the process of barbecue heating, will lead to protein carbonization denaturation, and barbecue burning material residues are more, these substances will increase the burden of kidney and liver.

4. Canned food

Don't think that canned fruits and fish can have very low calories. In order to increase the taste, they actually add a lot of sugar, which is high in calories and low in nutrients. If long-term consumption will also become fat, but also destroy vitamins, so that protein denaturation. Both canned fruits and canned meat should be eaten less.

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