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What is alkaline food?

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In our daily life, we occasionally hear people say that acidic food, alkaline food. So do you know what is alkaline food? Sour taste is acidic food? Let's learn about it.


Alkaline food refers to the chemical composition of ash obtained from food combustion, which mainly contains elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium, which are dissolved in water to form alkaline solution. This kind of food includes various vegetables, fruits, beans, milk, almonds and chestnuts in hard fruits. In a healthy state, the human body will not be affected by food intake and lead to acid-base changes. Many statements about "food acidity and alkalinity" actually confuse "ash after food combustion" with "products after food metabolism".

What is alkaline food

Nutritionists believe that fish, meat, poultry, eggs, rice, flour, oil, sugar and so on are acidic foods, while vegetables, fruits, bean products and milk are alkaline foods. Although vinegar is sour, it will not produce acidic substances in the process of human metabolism, but produce CO2 and H2O, so vinegar is also an alkaline food. Popular point of view, alkaline food is mainly divided into: first, vegetables and fruits; second, seaweed; third, nuts; fourth, sprouted cereals and beans.

What is alkaline food

All kinds of food contain different nutritional components. They have different health functions and health care roles, which can not be replaced by each other. Only by harmonious coexistence can we get the maximum health benefits. However, blindly pursuing the so-called "alkaline" food and abandoning the "acid" food can only move from one extreme to another, resulting in a new imbalance. In the long run, the ultimate damage is still health. Therefore, food diversification should be emphasized in daily life to ensure reasonable collocation.

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