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What are the hazards of not eating lunch for a long time

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Female friends have a love of beauty, so they often talk about "losing weight". Some people choose not to eat lunch in order to lose weight. Do you know what are the hazards of long-term non lunch? Let's have a look.

What are the hazards of not eating lunch for a long time

1. Brain damage

Although the weight of brain tissue only accounts for 2-3% of human body weight, brain blood flow is about 800 ml / min, oxygen consumption is about 45 ml / min, and sugar consumption is about 5 g / h. The brain tissue of teenagers is in the developing stage, and the demand of blood, oxygen and glucose is higher than that of adults. If the blood sugar is too low, the brain consciousness activity will appear the obstacle, for a long time, it is bound to affect the brain weight and morphological development.

2. Harm digestive system

Under normal circumstances, the food eaten the night before will be emptied from the stomach into the intestine after about six hours. If you don't eat breakfast and lunch the next day, stomach acid and various digestive enzymes in the stomach will "digest" the gastric mucosa. In the long run, the normal function of cell secreting mucus will be destroyed, which is easy to cause gastric ulcer and twelve finger ulcer and other digestive system diseases.

3. Easy to cause obesity

Many people think that you can lose weight without lunch. In fact, if you don't eat lunch for a long time, you will not lose weight, but you will get fat. If you don't eat lunch and eat too much dinner, it will lead to excess calories, and the body will accumulate more and more fat, which will become fattening after a long time. This time to lose weight again, can be very difficult.

4. Accelerate skin aging

Now many young people in order to work, usually do not pay attention to their own diet, often do not eat lunch. Do not eat lunch is not a good habit, long-term will affect the state of the skin, and will seriously damage health, accelerate the speed of skin aging. Often do not eat lunch, will lead to the loss of water, the body's storage of glycogen and protein will gradually reduce. Over time, the skin will become very dry, and even wrinkles. Dry skin is easy to accelerate aging, skin condition will become more and more rough.

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