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What's wrong with eyes always tired

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Due to the needs of study or work, most people use their eyes for a long time, but some people will find that their eyes are always tired. What's wrong with eyes always tired? Let's find out together.

Except for sleeping, our eyes are always "in use", so we occasionally feel tired. In the process of sleeping, the eyes can rest for a long time, and in this process, the eyes will be supplied with nutrients. On the contrary, when we are not getting enough sleep, the eyes will not get rest, and it is easy to feel sore and painful, and this feeling is continuous.


In addition, people with refractive errors (nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism) often need more accommodation than normal eyes in order to see the target clearly. If this happens, it will cause asthenopia, which is also one of the main causes of asthenopia. There are also visual dysfunctions such as binocular anisotropic movement dysfunction following movement and saccadic movement, adjustment dysfunction, or developmental abnormalities such as large interpupillary distance between the two eyes and difficulty in gathering the two eyes, which are also prone to visual fatigue. And eye diseases such as dry eye, ptosis, corneal disease, lens opacity and other eye diseases caused by blurred vision, or the natural decline of intraocular adjustment ability with age can also easily cause eye fatigue.

Also, people who wear contact lenses can easily feel eye fatigue. When wearing contact lenses, you must pay attention to the time, and wear them with frame glasses so that your eyes can rest. Don't sleep with contact lenses. Keeping your eyes closed will make your eyes dry, which can be more serious when you wear contact lenses.

What's wrong with eyes always tired

Vitamin A is an important component of rhodopsin in the eyes, and it is also a nutrient necessary for the differentiation and renewal of the eye mucosa. If you look at electronic products for a long time, it will increase the consumption of vitamin A in our body and cause a lack of vitamin A. Causes eye discomfort. Therefore, people who are prone to eye fatigue can supplement vitamin A appropriately.

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