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What's wrong with my eyes suddenly turning black

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There are a lot of people who should have experienced the sudden blackness in front of them, and they can return to normal in a short time. Although it is only a moment, it may lead to serious consequences or potential diseases. So what's the sudden blackness in front of you?

What's wrong with my eyes suddenly turning black

In front of the eyes suddenly black, this disease is called transient amaurosis. Older people, the arteries often sclerosis, carotid artery stenosis or obstruction, and the ophthalmic artery is a branch of the internal carotid artery, affected by carotid artery disease, can lead to insufficient blood perfusion of the ophthalmic artery, causing transient ischemia of the retina, thus presenting transient amaurosis; some may be caused by small thrombus through the retinal artery. If the embolus is stuck in the ophthalmic artery and the blood supply to the retina is interrupted, the vision will be suddenly lost, and permanent amaurosis may occur from time to time.

In addition, the central retinal artery spasm, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the retina, can also present transient amaurosis, after the spasm is relieved, vision can return to normal. Under normal circumstances, the number of episodes of transient amaurosis will become more and more frequent with the development of the disease, which can appear once in a few months and gradually change to several times a day. The duration of blackness can be changed from seconds to minutes.

And cervical spondylosis may also lead to dizziness, anterior blackening. When standing or walking, he often turns his head suddenly, turns black in front of his eyes, loses his support and falls suddenly. He can wake up quickly after falling to the ground, without disturbance of consciousness and sequelae. Such patients may be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sweating and other symptoms of autonomic nerve dysfunction. This is due to the cervical vertebra hyperplasia change oppresses the vertebral artery to cause the basilar artery blood supply barrier, causes the brain blood supply insufficiency temporarily.

If there is a sudden blackness in front of you, you should first keep calm, quickly hold the fixed objects around you, stand or sit down to avoid falling down, and then ask the people around you for help. After the rest, go to the hospital in time, and carry out the following related examinations under the guidance of the doctor. According to the examination results, the doctor will give the corresponding treatment plan, if necessary, will carry out drug treatment and surgical treatment, to protect the visual function and prevent the occurrence of cerebrovascular accidents. Prevention is always the best choice. Not only old friends, but also middle-aged and even young people should pay attention to the protection of blood vessels in all aspects of life.

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