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The three kinds of health care products that merchants boast to the sky are not good for health pres

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In daily life, the publicity of health care products is endless, and the effects are also utterly overwhelming.

As a result, as soon as they were fooled by the propaganda, many people impulsively paid a bunch of IQ taxes.

Especially for these three types of health products, too many people spend wronged money.

1. Cordyceps sinensis

The three kinds of health care products that merchants boast to the sky are not good for health preservation, and the price is the first!  Don't be fooled

It is the product of the Hepialus larvae infected by the Cordyceps fungus, and it is a very common one among the more than 1,500 kinds of cordyceps currently known.

As a traditional medicinal material, the earliest record of its use as a medicine comes from the personal work of a folk doctor in the Qing Dynasty. It was only used as a prescription for reference at that time, and it did not mention any amazing miraculous effects.

But for nearly 30 years, under the clever packaging of merchants, Cordyceps has become a leader in health preservation and anti-cancer, and the price of gold has made it a status symbol.

But as the price of Cordyceps rises, the lies wrapped in it have been exposed by medical researchers one by one.

The first is the universal ingredient "cordycepsic acid" that claims to "tonify the kidneys, strengthen the yang, nourish beauty, and replenish essence." The academic community has long discovered that its true identity is actually mannitol, a very cheap and common chemical raw material, which will cause it if taken orally. Diarrhea, and Kaisailu which treats constipation has it.

Later, someone said that Cordyceps contains a lot of "cordycepin", which can fight cancer.

Cordycepin has anti-cancer effects, but Cordyceps sinensis does not have this ingredient at all or the content is extremely low, which does not match the content of the promotion.

In addition, due to environmental and human factors, the State Food and Drug Administration found that the arsenic content in Cordyceps on the market today exceeds the national safety standard limit value by 10 times. Long-term consumption will cause arsenic poisoning, and there is high health. risk. Because of this, Cordyceps has long been removed from the health care products.

This is not to completely negate the value of Cordyceps, but its health benefits do require more exploration and experimentation.

Rather than paying a high price to buy something good or bad to eat, it is better to invest your money in a place where you can really reap your health.

2. Bird's Nest

The three kinds of health care products that merchants boast to the sky are not good for health preservation, and the price is the first!  Don't be fooled

It is a nest made by the saliva secreted by Swifts and Swiftlets, mixed with other substances.

In traditional Chinese concepts, bird's nest has always been a precious delicacy and precious medicinal material.

Today, bird's nest is still highly regarded, and many people believe that eating bird's nest can beautify the skin. Unfortunately, this claim still lacks strong scientific evidence to support it.

Scientists have analyzed the composition of bird's nest and found that the protein content of dry bird's nest is as high as 80%, and the rest is carbohydrates, water and a small amount of minerals.

After soaking dry bird's nest, a lot of nutrients will be lost. More importantly, the protein in bird's nest is not easily digested by the human body, and even if eaten, it will be excreted as metabolic waste.

In this way, in terms of nutritional value, it may not even be as good as an egg for 2 yuan!

However, some people say that the real value of bird's nest is sialic acid, which can promote the establishment of neurons and brain development, and can prevent neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's.

But the main food sources of sialic acid are breast milk and dairy products. Including human milk, cow's milk, goat's milk, yogurt, etc. The content of colostrum in breast milk is the highest, which can reach more than 1.5 grams per liter.

And in China, sialic acid has been approved as a new food ingredient . In other words, there are already many snacks, beverages, and formula milk powders on the market that have artificially added this ingredient.

In comparison, the cost-effectiveness of bird's nest is not high.

If you have money and really like it, it's not bad to eat bird's nest as a high-priced ingredient. But pay attention to the risk of allergies, as well as the problems of adulteration and smoke.

And if you just buy it for the beauty and beauty that the publicity says, then you might be disappointed.

3. Enzymes

The three kinds of health care products that merchants boast to the sky are not good for health preservation, and the price is the first!  Don't be fooled

What exactly is an enzyme? I'm afraid few people can make it clear. But to ask what effect it has, such things as "weight loss", "detoxification", "increase resistance" and so on, just open your mouth.

But the original meaning of enzymes is nothing more than "enzymes", and it does help digestion.

But it needs to work in a specific pH environment. The effects of the added enzymes in the enzyme products that are detected in vitro are likely to fail in the stomach. What's more, these enzymes are also proteins, which will be cut into pieces by pepsin and trypsin in the human digestive tract and lose their original activity.

Moreover, the human intestinal flora originally produces a lot of enzymes, lipase, protease, amylase, cellulase, etc. are all counted together, definitely far more than the enzymes in enzyme products.

In addition, some enzyme products have added prebiotics, probiotics or antioxidants, claiming to improve intestinal flora, relieve constipation, and anti-aging.

They look great together, but the actual content is not even the leftovers, and the actual effect is probably not much different from the effect of psychological comfort.

How to choose health products

The three kinds of health care products that merchants boast to the sky are not good for health preservation, and the price is the first!  Don't be fooled

With the increase of people's health awareness, health care products have become an indispensable part of many people's health management.

However, driven by profits, the health care product market is mixed, with a lot of fraud, exaggerated publicity, and high prices. Many people buy health care products that are either fakes or the wrong ones. After eating for a long time, they find that they don’t want them at all. Effect.

So I hope everyone must look for the blue straw hat logo when buying products, and check the relevant information on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration; in addition, learn to purchase health care products in a targeted manner, and don't be impulsive because of advertising. Consumption, what the body lacks can make up for, and the one that suits you is the best.

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