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What foods are bad for the heart

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For people with a bad heart, it is best to eat some foods that can lower blood lipids and low cholesterol. So do you know what foods are bad for the heart? Let’s take a look.

What foods are bad for the heart

1. Processed meat

Commercially available foods such as bacon, burgers, hot dogs, sausages, steaks, etc. contain a large amount of saturated fatty acids, which are salted and smoked to increase the shelf life, which is not good for the heart and has a risk of cancer. There is also beef jerky. There are no refined grains in beef jerky. Although the protein contained in it is very rich, it also contains a lot of sodium. If a patient with heart disease eats food with too high sodium content, then it will be a problem for your own disease. Very unfavorable.

2. Potato chips

Fried foods such as potato chips and corn chips contain a lot of trans fatty acids, salt and calories, which are all causes of cardiovascular disease.

3. Pizza

Commercial pizza contains high salt and processed cheese, which has high calories and is not good for heart health. It is best to make homemade pizza at home, using whole grain flour, olive oil, and fresh goat cheese.

4. Sweets

Although sweets are delicious, they are very high in calories, which can easily cause excess calories to be converted into fat in the body, leading to increased blood lipids, thereby treating and recovering from diseases.

5. Raw and cold food

Patients with coronary heart disease should avoid cold drinks in their daily diet. Cold drinks can cause sudden stimulation of the intestines and cause systemic vasoconstriction, sudden increase in blood pressure, and can cause myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage.

6, fried chicken

The protein content in chicken breast is relatively high, but if you tie the skin together, it will lead to the loss of nutrients. Moreover, a fried chicken breast with skin is particularly high in cholesterol. Yes, if people with heart disease do not want to have too much cholesterol in their body, then it is recommended to eat as little fried chicken as possible.

7. French fries

French fries contain a lot of carbohydrates. This substance can easily cause fluctuations in human blood sugar. Moreover, the fat and salt content in it is also extremely high. It is easier to gain weight if you eat too much. If there are more French fries, then it is simply a fatal injury.

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