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Eat apples to lose weight

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Generally speaking, it is better to eat apples 30 minutes before and after meals to lose weight. Because the crude fiber in the apple can make the stomach feel full, so that people eat less, in order to achieve the effect of weight loss. Eating an apple half an hour after a meal is good for food digestion.

Apples contain all kinds of amino acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals and carotene that are essential to the human body, which can basically meet the needs of the human body, but can also be fully digested and absorbed by the human body. It relieves the burden of the intestines, stomach and kidneys, so that wastes from the body can be fully discharged.

Apples are also rich in crude fiber, which can absorb a lot of water and slow down the body's absorption of sugar. At the same time, it can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promote bowel movements. Apple is a low-calorie food. During the period of eating apples, food intake is reduced, thereby reducing the body's calorie intake. The insufficient part requires the body's accumulated calorie supply, the excess body fat is consumed, and people naturally lose weight.

The popular three-day apple weight loss method is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable for developing teenagers, elderly and weak people, people who are sick, and people with low blood sugar. If this method is adopted, it is best to choose a time when the amount of activity and brain use are small, otherwise it may cause fainting and rapid heartbeat due to too little calorie intake.

After performing apple weight loss, people's stomach and intestines are temporarily tender because they have not eaten any food for 3 consecutive days. Therefore, when you resume eating, you must be gradual. The diet should be light and not excessive.

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